PRESS RELEASE: Casa Cortes donates all proceeds from the 2021 edition of Todo Santos Mezcal to celebrate the life of late Master Mezcalero Rafael Mendez Cruz.

Oaxaca City, Mexico - Casa Cortes proudly celebrates the life of San Luis del Rios’ revered Master Mezcalero, Rafael Mendez Cruz, with the second edition of its highly anticipated Todo Santos Mezcal. This unique mezcal will be released immediately and available globally through Casa Cortes import partners. Casa Cortes further honors its strong relationship with the Mendez family and the community of San Luis del Rio by donating 100% of the proceeds toward building the “Rafael Mendez Cruz Commemorative Park” in San Luis del Rio. 

“This is something we do to honor our loved ones every year. Typically, we would invite our friends from around the world to join us in Matatlan for a beautiful fiesta. However, last year the pandemic interrupted that plan” said Casa Cortes Founder and CEO, Rolando Cortes. “Rafael was a great friend and his passing hit us all very hard. We were deeply saddened and I knew that we had to create something that would preserve his memory. The Todo Santos bottles are themselves a work of art. They are one of a kind and meant to be appreciated long after the mezcal is gone. I hope that everyone that purchases this mezcal looks at the bottle and understands they helped us build something in San Luis Del Rio that would honor the memory of my friend.”

All proceeds from the sale of Todo Santos Mezcal 2021 will be used to build a commemorative park in San Luis Del Rio. The park is currently in the planning stages and is expected to begin construction in early 2022. Amongst other things, the park will contain public bathrooms, an area for young children to play and public exercise equipment. The design and available facilities of the park have been decided in close cooperation with the townspeople of San Luis Del Rio.  

“Our hearts were broken when Rafael passed. He was a kind and generous man. I am very happy we are able to honor his life with this park.” said Casa Cortes Global Brand Ambassador, Monica Bautista Cortes. “I am excited to share these two mezcals and the beautiful bottle design with the world. The producers and agave were chosen specifically for this release because of their rare and unique qualities.”

The 2021 release of Todo Santos will consist of two different agave. An agave Tobala by Pedro Vasquez Ogarrio, and an agave Coyote by Regulo Martinez Parada. Each edition will consist of relatively small batches with only 420 Coyote and 672 Tobala sold worldwide. Additionally, each will be released in a one of a kind bottle that will not be reproduced in future editions. 

The Todo Santos Mezcaleros brand was started by Casa Cortes in 2020 to celebrate the life of Crispina Hernandez Romero during the Day of the Dead celebration. Crispina was the mother of Casa Cortes Founder and CEO, Rolando Cortes. This tradition continues each year as Casa Cortes honors the loved ones that have passed.

Casa Cortes is 100% Oaxacan owned with a family history of producing mezcal since 1840. Its product range includes Agave de Cortes, El Jolgorio and Nuestra Soledad. Started in 2008 by Rolando Cortes, the goal of Casa Cortes has always been to preserve the traditions and culture of mezcal, while providing economic prosperity to the producers and communities it works in. Casa Cortes proudly adheres to a set of Core Values that inform its decisions. These core values have led it to be a leader in initiatives that improve the lives of the families it works with, such as equality and fairness in the workplace, fair pay and strict safety standards. Additionally, Casa Cortes focuses on projects that ensure the future of mezcal and its culture, such as sustainability and environmental awareness.


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