PRESS RELEASE: Casa Cortes proudly features its first female Master Mezcalera on its long anticipated El Jolgorio Ancestral mezcal.

There is a lot going on at Casa Cortes!! New mezcal and our first Mezcalera!! Read the full Press Release below and download it for use if you like. 

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Casa Cortes proudly features its first female Master Mezcalera on its long anticipated El Jolgorio Ancestral mezcal.

Oaxaca City, Mexico - Casa Cortes introduced a new Ancestral mezcal into its already popular line of El Jolgorio mezcals. Adding to this unique announcement, this limited edition small batch mezcal proudly features Casa Cortes first female Master Mezcalera, Justina Ruiz Perez from Sola de Vega. This first edition of the new El Jolgorio Ancestral mezcal will be distilled from 100% Agave Coyote. This unique expression will be added to Casa Cortes Edicion Especial releases, which feature rare and highly sought after agave. 

“Very often, mezcal production is the effort of an entire family with sons, daughters and mothers involved in the process. Casa Cortes is a family business and we value the importance of recognizing the contribution of women in the mezcal industry. I am proud to shine a light on the hard work of Justina Ruiz Perez.” said Casa Cortes Founder and CEO, Rolando Cortes. “Ancestral mezcal represents the purest and most traditional form of mezcal production. The typically small batch sizes limit the availability of this mezcal, but we felt it was important to add it to our line of El Jolgorio mezcals so we could share this piece of our culture with the world.”

Mezcal production is done as a team, but the role of the Master Mezcalera is to make all the production decisions that accumulate and influence the taste of the final product. Including practical considerations, such as how long to keep the agave in the oven, when to stop fermentation and the ABV of the final product. Because of the traditional nature of the production process, these decisions are often done by feeling and instinct, adding the personality of the producer to the spirit. 

“I am very happy to be adding Justinas mezcal to our El Jolgorio line of mezcals. She has a bright personality that I think comes through in her mezcal.” said Casa Cortes Global Brand Ambassador, Monica Bautista Cortes. “As a woman working in mezcal I understand that it can be difficult and some aspects of the industry are wrongly considered mens work. I am proud that Casa Cortes is breaking from that paradigm and happy for the hard work other producers and companies have done to help bring a focus on the important work of women in mezcal”

Sola de Vega is located in Oaxaca's lush Sierra Sur mountain range and has long been known for its traditional ancestral production process. Ancestral mezcal production is labor intensive and features no technology. It typically involves milling agave by hand using large wooden mallets, fermenting in wooden tinas or animal skins and distilling using clay pots. Because of the small size of the clay pots used in the distillation process, the yield per batch can be very small, making this type of mezcal inherently unique. 

Adding to the exciting nature of this mezcal, it features Agave Coyote. As demand for mezcal has increased, Agave Coyote has become increasingly difficult to find and harvest sustainably. For this reason, Casa Cortes chose not to include Agave Coyote in the 2020 line of Edicion Especial releases and is proud to offer it in 2021 as an Ancestral expression.

Casa Cortes is 100% Oaxacan owned with a family history of producing mezcal since 1840. Its product range includes Agave de Cortes, El Jolgorio and Nuestra Soledad. Started in 2008 by Rolando Cortes, the goal of Casa Cortes has always been to preserve the traditions and culture of mezcal, while providing economic prosperity to the producers and communities it works in. Casa Cortes proudly adheres to a set of Core Values that inform its decisions. These core values have led it to be a leader in initiatives that improve the lives of the families it works with, such as equality and fairness in the workplace, fair pay and strict safety standards. Additionally, Casa Cortes focuses on projects that ensure the future of mezcal and its culture, such as sustainability and environmental awareness.


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